Alabama Gulf Coast Slam weigh-in headquarters is at Zeke's Landing Marina.By John Mullen

May 3, 2019 – Orange Beach, AL (OBA®) – A new and unique fishing tournament is going on in the Gulf Coast region with Zeke’s Landing Marina as the official weigh-in sponsor for Orange Beach. The tournament is presented by the Alabama Fishing Charter Association and the Mystics of Pleasure.

At end of the tournament on May 18, some lucky angler could win a Chevy truck from Southern Chevrolet. The awards party will be at Zeke’s on May 25.

Alabama Gulf Coast Slam leader board at Zeke's Landing Marina.“Anybody that weighs a fish that’s of the minimum size gets their name in the hat to win the truck,” Zeke’s Operations Manager Mandy Langley said. “There’s weekly prizes as well as the end of the tournament there’ll be first, second and third in each category.”

Each weekly winner will get $100 and prizes for the overall biggest fish in each category over the four-week tournament are $500 for first, $250 for second and $125 for third.

Some anglers will be eligible for prizes and the truck without even having to pay the registration fee.

“Anybody can enter and if you fish on a registered boat you don’t have to pay anything extra,” Langley said. “Most of our boats here are registered and if somebody goes fishing on one of these boats, they can have a chance to win the truck.

“You can even enter if you want to fish off the jetties or the pier or the beach for only $25.”

For recreational boats, the price is $150 for boats under 26 feet and $250 for boats over 26 feet. It’s $50 to fish from a kayak or a paddleboard and shore areas include the pier, the beach, intercoastal shorelines or under the bridge.

“It’s a pretty cool tournament and we actually update the standings on the website,” Langley said. “We also have a webcam where people can watch the weigh-ins. We’ve had a lot of people weighing.”

Langley said that the Alabama Charter Fishing Association came up with the idea for the tournament as a way to jump-start the fishing season before the full-on season breaks in two weeks.

“It’s designed to get people involved in this lull before Memorial Day and it’s getting more people fishing and that’s what it was aimed to do,” Langley said.

Fish in the tournament include speckled trout, white trout, sheepshead, slot redfish, king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, bonito, Jack Crevalle, triggerfish, white snapper, vermillion snapper, black snapper, dolphin, tuna, wahoo, swordfish and bull shark.

As of May 3, 17 fishermen won the weekly $100 prize in several different divisions during the first two weeks. Check out the leaderboard here and visit Alabama Gulf Coast Slam for more information on the tournament. Keep up with live weigh-ins through the tournament webcam.

Alabama Slam truck contest