People of Orange Beach - Tim Tucker

By the City of Orange Beach

February 11, 2019 - Orange Beach, AL - (OBA®) - The city is excited to introduce a new series of profiles highlighting Orange Beach employees, officials, and community movers and shakers.

Our city is successful because of the hard work of many individuals inside and outside of City Hall and this is an effort to get to know them.

Orange Beach Public Works Director Tim Tucker was gracious enough to kick off the series and sat down for an interview at his office in the Public Works building on William Silvers Parkway. To keep this simple, only five questions are asked.

First of all, it is crystal clear Tim is an avid Alabama fan with a cutout of Coach Nick Saban behind his desk among other Crimson Tide hardware.                          

When did you start working for the city and what brought you to Orange Beach?

I started in August of 2005. It would have been the pay, benefits and retirement. Basically, I came to the city for those three things.

I grew up in Mobile and moved over here in ‘92 to build condos and never left.

I worked for a general contractor in Mobile for 13 years as superintendent. Actually, I built three facilities (in Orange Beach) as a superintendent for the contractor. I built the Justice Center, remodeled the Community Center, and waterfront pier. I built those three in the private sector. That’s how I got to know Mr. Silvers, who offered me a job. (William “Bill” Silvers is the former public works director and father of current Councilman Jeff Silvers.) He’s a good fella. He was old school.

They had to create the position of assistant. Bill said to come in, work for a year or two and ‘when you’re ready, tell me and I’ll walk out of that door.’ And 18 months later, he retired. He left 11 years ago. He went to Idaho where he wanted to go.