Orange Beach School Meeting

By City of Orange Beach

January 30, 2019 - Orange Beach, AL - (OBA®) - Mayor Tony Kennon hosted a school information meeting on Tuesday, January 29th at the Orange Beach Community Center with Baldwin County Public Schools Superintendent Eddie Tyler and his key staff.

Tyler explained to Orange Beach parents and the general public, numbering upwards of 150, about the reality of 24 hours earlier when Gulf Shores High School Principal Cindy Veazey and Gulf Shores Middle School Principal Kyle McCartney informed him they decided to leave the Baldwin County school system and join the new Gulf Shores city school system. The news was surprising as Veazey and McCartney were slated to be the new principals of Orange Beach High School and Orange Beach Middle School, respectively, on February 1st. Tyler said he will now dive back into the roughly 100 applications he received for the principal positions with the aim of having a recommendation in front of the Baldwin County Board of Education at its Feb. 21st meeting. Veazey and McCartney are expected to give their official resignation letters to Tyler by week's end. 

Tyler expressed his steadfast excitement for the new school. The 130,000-square-foot Orange Beach Middle/High School on Canal Road is scheduled to officially open in Fall of 2020. For the coming 2019-2020 school year, the superintendent revealed plans for the temporary "portable village" that will be a new enclosed modular design that will have hallways and bathrooms. There will be two modular layouts with a seventh and eighth grade building next to the Orange Beach Elementary School, and across the street - on the current green space - a building will be set up for ninth and 10th grade. The building will be fenced and secure and Mayor Kennon said School Resource Officers will be on site. Parents were pleased with the design, which is shown below. 

An official Facebook page for the new school has been set up by Baldwin County Public Schools and future updates will be posted there. 

NBC15 video streamed Superintendent Tyler's opening comments...