From left are Orange Middle School Principal Robbie Smith, Orange Beach High Athletic Director Chase Smith and Orange Beach High Principal Erika McCoy.By John Mullen

April 19, 2019 – Orange Beach, AL (OBA®) – Dr. Erica McCoy, the principal of the new Orange Beach High School, is looking for goal-oriented teachers to lead students when classes open in August.

“In every interview, I say that one question to every person that we have been interviewing with and it’s how are you going to help propel our students to the national spotlight,” McCoy told the city council on April 16. “Because if our kids are in the national spotlight then Orange Beach is in the national spotlight. Just having that vision of excellence from the very beginning is very important.”

MAAAC logo CopyMayor Tony Kennon believes McCoy and Dr. Robbie Smith, the new middle school principal, can provide that kind of leadership.

"Dr. McCoy and Dr. Smith get it,” Kennon said. “Being first in the 49th state is not that big a deal. We want to be nationally known not first in Alabama.”

During the meeting the council discussed meting out about $1 million for three school programs, the Orange Beach Education Foundation, Makos Academics, Arts and Athletics Club and the city’s Expect Excellence After School Program.

“We agreed to about $1 million with $270,000 to $300,000 will go to Expect Excellence,” Kennon said. “The other $700,000 we will divide it up into different categories. We’ve come up with about $300,000 that will go through the Education Foundation if they need it. But there will be $300,000 available each year for all three schools but we don’t know if all of that will be needed. If the money’s not needed based on what the principal’s requests are then it will carry over for the next year. Or if for some reason there is an increased need we’ll come back for an assessment.”